We are a VOSA approved VTS for class 4 MOT,s & have a new state of
art test lane

Your MOT has expired? You need to get your vehicle passed and back on the road FAST? Then we can certainly help you! We can get your MOT booked in very quickly and complete to your satisfaction. Usually same day!

We are 5 minutes for the port of Dover & 10 minutes from the Euro tunnel, so ideal for Europen customers!

MOT Test £45.00


MOT Testing available from Mon – Sat 9am to 5pm

MOT Fail… Don’t Worry

The reason we all worry about our vehicle failing its MOT test is usually because we are worried about the cost of repair. Remember these test’s are a safety check for your vehicle and your safety is more important than money. However, in reality these days we know that money is tight and every penny counts. The benifit of having us take care of your MOT is that if for whatever reason your vehicle fails we will offer you the most competative quote and service to repair your vehicle. We promise we won’t charge you over the odd’s but you will still get exactly the same service that you would from a main dealer!

You are in no way obligated in having us repair your vehicle if we have taken care of your MOT, however we can almost guaranty you will not find a better price and service for your vehicle. With our years of experience your vehicle could not be in better hands