We provide Air Conditioning/Air Con Re-gassing services on Cars, HGV, Light Goods Vehicles and all other Commercial vehicles.

Ever wondered when you turn your car Air Conditioning System on in your car that you get a musty damp smell?

Did you know that your air conditioning/Air Con Re-gassing is not included in standard car servicing schedules?

Did you also know that if your Air Conditioning System isn’t working properly you get poor window de-misting for them frosty mornings.

The chances are you will never of had your air conditioning system serviced this can result in unpleasant musty smells, Cold/Flu Symptoms, increased fuel consumption and a build up of bacteria.

By having your air conditioning system serviced regularly you can avoid all of these things. We can service your Air Conditioning System/Air Con Re-gassing. We use the latest snap on air conditioning service kits and provide a print out that you can keep with your service history booklet.

For £70 we check and test your Cars Air Conditioning re-gas it, treat with anti-bacantial treatment plus check your pollen filter to make sure its working properly i.e if it needs changing as this makes a big differance to your filtered air in the cabin (this will need to be purchased separately), check pipes, and various other parts. Our highly trained f gas technicians are fully versed with all manufactures systems

To get your Air Conditioning System/Air Con Re-gassing serviced today contact us today

Price for Service : £70.00

+ free anti-bacterial treatment with every Air Con Re-gassing service !

We do exactly the same test to your HGV / Commercial vehicle the price for this is £150